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manyu hikencho

Chifusa Manyuu (魔乳 千房, Manyū Chifusa) is the protagonist of the Manyū Hiken-chō manga and anime series. She is the successor of the Manyuu clan and  Height‎: ‎5'6. Informationen und Episoden zum Anime Manyuu Hiken-chou. Auf deutsch und englisch kostenlos schauen! Schau dir Manyuu Hikenchou Folge 1 Ger Sub - kostenlos auf deinen PC und Smartphone an. Nur hier auf Anime-Tube! Noch nie so viel Brust gesehn in einen normalen Ecchi Anime. Back at Manyuu Clan H. Chifusa and Kaede take shelter over night to wait out a bad fever Chifusa is having. When Chifusa awakens, she finds herself trapped at her breast-crazed friend's mercy, who begins to play wildly with her boobs. When at Oppai Maximum Chifusa's entire being seems to be drawn and animated slightly differently than before. Although Hatomune later hears word about Chifusa's true identity, he allows her to go, having been mesmerized by her breasts. This is likely due to her young age and inexperience with such drinks. Remove the custom ad lisa ann shower bikini voyeur s and the page load as expected. It turns out that she malayalam blue film a hentai shower sex of the Munamori Clan who Chifusa's blood truly belongs to. The masseuse Momoha tells Chifusa of a breast Robin Hood that steals tits from the busty gives them to the flat. She has been april oneil rimjob to be quite violent, retaliating elephent tube a punch such whenever someone gropes her without her permission. Use the HTML below.

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As the octopus attacks Chifusa before she can come up for air, Oiso uses her newfound freedom to kill the octopus, giving Chifusa the credit as thanks. Chifusa and Kaede stop at a village so Chifusa can get a massage to ease the pain caused by her heavy tits. August 2, [10]. As a trained swordsman of the Manyuu clan, Chifusa has been shown to be able to defeat multiple opponents with ease particularly the Manyuu assassins sent after her. After her breasts grew drastically because of the Breast Flow technique, she has commented that they have hindered her fighting considerably, but regardless, her abilities to fight off foes still remained impressive. While Chifusa was off becoming a bakunyuu goddess, Kaede was aiding a shrine attendant who had injured her leg, it is this woman who leads our protagonists to a breast temple where a nun named Juchini resides. It is interesting to note how the Oppai Maximum form not only effects Chifusa, but effects those around her. manyu hikencho As Kagefusa is forced to retreat, Kaede decides to join Chifusa on her journey. Anime and Manga portal. Retrieved October 2, At this point in time Chifusa's Breasts contain the essence of Seven different women including her sister , thus making her the bustiest girl in the series. At this point Chifusa's breasts have engorged to such a massive size that Kaede ends up having to carry her as Chifusa can no longer walk on her own. Despite the fact that she was meant to continue the tradition of the Manyuu, she deserts her family because of her hatred of the unfair system with which her family governs which consists of judging women's worth based on the size of their breasts and steals the Scroll of Secrets, which contains techniques on how to enlarge breasts. After those who survive and return are Manyuu Hiken-chou - Details - Proxer. DD mann muss ja wussen ob sie es nun schaft oder nicht: The masseus, a girl named Momoha, tells them of "The Boobie Kid" a local thief that steal's rich women's tits and allegedly gives them to the poor. Retrieved July 11, As they move on, Chifusa comes to realize about her ability to alter a woman's breasts using the Breast Flow technique, and vows to learn more about it so she can return Kaede's breasts to normal.

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