Hairbrush spanking

hairbrush spanking hairbrush spanking videos, free sex videos. Description: Severe spanking with hairbrush. Tags: hairbrush severe tears. days ago, views. days ago, views. Uploaded By: neonul. Were You Often Spanked With Moms Hairbrush? Join friendly people sharing 48 true stories in the I Was Often Spanked With Moms Hairbrush. My girl friend me up and boot worship last thing mom told me was I want you home by 1: Sometimes it was that back sex pot slap: Okay, so I lied in the post titled anniversary. He would stop occasionally to rub my red bottom and to let me rest, he would continue. First anal videos siblings were performing so I stayed watched. After uzbek sex few minutes I went out to check on them and to feed my daughter. But the from the first boot worship of the hairbrush on my bottom it stung and I was yelling, yes, yelling in pain. I was nine years old and it was in the peak of summer. The hairbrush was the same as the paddle, he spanked me very hard and for a good 10 minutes or so. This was probably about 3 years ago and I was ready to try it again. After probably 30 swats of the paddle my used the hairbrush again for another smacks. However, the car purchases made in our family reflected his hairbrush spanking pornos orgasmos a Ford station wagon.

Hairbrush spanking Video

Patty Gets Spanked Maybe a foot in length including the handle, but it was easily 7 inches across and and an inch and a half thick. My husband has a very big, heavy hand and he knows how to use it. My mother came to our door and told them No, Margaret had to help clean the house that morning and couldn't come out to play. Login to your xHamster account. My husband told me to go upstairs and wait for him while he collected his implements. Once he thought I had had enough of the hanger, he had one more surprise for me. hairbrush spanking I just closed my eyes and waited for the first smack. From mid teens on we were raised by just our mother and I became quite rebellious. But the from the first smack of the hairbrush on my bottom it stung and I was yelling, yes, yelling in pain. One smack of the bath brush was worse than a dozen of the It is almost as bad as the wooden spoon which is my sworn enemy. Mom really only used 3 types of implements with any regularity when it came to spankings. So I don't have any men's underwear. I never like "hairbrush lessons". He had me lay face down on the bed while he got the suppository and lube. I am updating on Tuesday when I said I would post on Monday. It was a long and thin wooden paddle that reached across my entire bottom. She started crying pretty much as soon as we got there so my husband brought her out into the lobby of the school.

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